May 26th 2020

How we Utilise Hartness Machinery to Enhance Your Line

We supply Hartness systems to our customers as we believe that they manufacture some of the best end of line packaging solutions on the market.  The products which we supply from Hartness include DYNAC accumulation systems, case packers, shrink wrapping and laning systems.  Each of these bespoke pieces of machinery carry out their functions efficiently and precisely.

DYNAC Accumulation Systems

We supply two variations of DYNAC accumulation systems, single flow and mass flow.  We offer six variations of of the single flow systems and one variation of the mass flow, which allows us to supply the ideal system based off your specifications. Traditional methods often lead to excessive line pressure and gaps in the product flow after a stop, whereas DYNAC accumulation systems work “on demand” and expand only when accumulation is needed.

Case Packing

Hartness manufacture a wide range of case packers from high speed to slower systems, from intermittent motion to continuous motion and place packing, with various speed capabilities, in order to give you exactly what you need.  The case packing solutions which we supply from Hartness include;

  • Vertical Loading Systems
  • Continuous Motion Systems
  • Decasers

Shrink Wrapping

The GlobalShrink versatile family of machines by Hartness effortlessly handle a large range of round and non-round containers, including soft, lightweight bottles.  The benefits of the GlobalShrink systems include:

  • Quick and easy, tool-less changeovers
  • Top-pick blank-feed system handles even the most warped blanks
  • Moveable air blades in the tunnel provide consistent air flow and quality bullseyes
  • The operator interface retains tunnel setting recipes for each package by film type and season.


The Hartness GlobalLaner is able to precisely and gently lane a variety of container shapes and sizes, including lightweight products.  The GlobalLaner quietly and efficiently moves containers to their respective lanes, even at high speeds of up to 200 feet per minute. The system is flexible enough to handle a broad product range, including  bottles, bundles, and cases.  The system has a quick changeover time of fewer than 10 minutes and eliminates container-to-container contact and reduces noise levels and product damage.  This is through the use of continuous-motion flow.  The GlobalLaner can be used as a stand alone machine or can be easily combined with other systems to form a complete packaging line.  The benefits of implementing the GlobalLaner system include:

  • Handles lightweight containers
  • Continuous-motion flow
  • Quick, simple changeover
  • Flexible product range
  • High-speed operation
  • Servo motion control
  • Noise reduction
  • Small footprint

We supply all of the above Hartness systems, in addition to a range of other styles. No matter what your specifications may be, we are happy to discuss the options which we have available.  For more information, contact us today.



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