May 7th 2020

Packaging Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

We supply systems for a range of different industry however are current customers are primarily within the food and beverage industry.  With the current raise in demand for  tinned and preserved products, it is essential now more than ever that your line is up to date and working as efficiently as possible.  We offer full line surveys and can evaluate your existing lines and suggest the best machines which will compliment your packaging process.  We supply a wide range of Hartness machinery ranging from robotics to DYNAC accumulation systems.  Each of these systems can enhance your packaging line in different ways and add a new dimension to your line.

DYNAC Accumulation Systems

We  supply both single and mass flow accumulation systems which dynamically control upstream and downstream product flow for consistent and pressure-less handling. DYNAC is a range of smart systems which continuously monitor line conditions and act as a buffer when there is a backlog of products or a fault along the line. Traditional methods often often lead to excessive line pressure and gaps in the product flow after a stop, whereas DYNAC accumulation systems work “on demand” and expand only when accumulation is needed. This reduces both floor space and running costs of the packaging line.

The DYNAC Accumulation systems which we supply are;

DYNAC 6200 – Small floor level accumulation

DYNAC 6300 – Multi-lane pressureless accumulation at floor level

DYNAC 6400 – Versatile FIFO accumulation with pressure-less product handling and unique line-balancing

DYNAC 6500 – FIFO accumulation in a circular footprint with a wide chain to accommodate larger products

DYNAC 6600 – FIFO accumulation and line control for high speed lines

DYNAC 6900 – FIFO accumulation in a circular footprint for high speed lines.

DYNAC 7100 – Floor level sequential accumulation and line control for high speed lines


We supply a range of robotic systems as we believe that the integration of these systems is the most effective way of increasing line efficiency whilst reducing overhead costs.  Robotic systems are sustainable and cost effective and enable to handling of cheaper, more lightweight materials.  We supply a wide variety of robotic products with a range of functions. These include:

Automated Material Loading (AML) – A robotic loader for tray and carton carriers

Palletizing & Depalletizing – Automated palletizing and depalletizing systems

Case & Tray Packing – Robotic case, carton and tray packing, automated product collating solutions and case handling expertise

Pack Orienting/Laning – Accommodates the conveyance of odd shapes, unstable containers and multi-pack products with smooth, positive control

Custom Designs – Engineering services for your unique solution from concept to design

For more information on how we can improve your specific line or to talk through any queries which you may have, feel free to contact us today and speak with one of our experts.

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