Dec 23rd 2019

Project Management at Packserve

In addition to supplying top of the range machinery which cannot be found anywhere else on the UK market, we also offer expert services.  The professionals at Packserve each have years of experience in their fields which makes them the perfect candidates to help support your ongoing projects. We are proud to say that we have employed project managers who have been able to successfully carry out complex projects for massive international companies.  This has included, but is not limited to,  complete factory relocation, new equipment installations and packaging line modifications.

About Our Project Managers

Our project managers focus on designing and implementing projects which carefully consider timescale, budget, and safety.  They are able to apply their extensive knowledge to a range of projects both big and small.  It is important to our project managers to express clear communication throughout the process so that you can feel in control of the entire project, without the added stress of managing it yourself.  Upon completion, it is our standard practice to follow-up promptly with maintenance and service to ensure the full and effective function of your facility.

Project Life cycle

We have established a flexible plan which we have found creates outstanding results each and every time.  The project life cycle which we have developed is adaptable and can work with a range of different projects and altered dependent on your specifications.

Carry out Feasibility Study

  • Work with client to help draw up the specification.
  • Outline design
  • Project cost
  • Identify project benefits
  • Carry out financial analysis versus company hurdle rate
  • Prepare report with recommendation

Project design

  • Prepare detailed specification
  • Prepare detailed designs
  • Prepare tender documentation for contractors to quote against
  • Prepare detailed costings

Submit project for company approval

  • Project document prepared including detailed design and financial evaluation

Project management

  • Prepare and manage project to timescale
  • Co-ordinate multi-contract interfaces
  • Manage contract interfaces
  • Act as competent person as per CDM regulations
  • Liaise with customer throughout

Training, documentation and maintenance

  • Review skill profile of end users
  • Prepare training programmes to support projects and where necessary include problem-solving techniques, quick size changes and RCM analysis
  • Co-ordinate and prepare all documentation and drawings
  • Provide final maintenance programme to support ongoing reliability


  • Prepare commissioning plan to suit customer requirements
  • Commission new plant to agreed timescales
  • Carry out H & S risk analysis


  • Review success of project life cycle with client
  • Review final benefits and specification versus original study

If you have any upcoming projects which you would like to make enquiries about, feel free to contact us and discuss with one of our experts.

Some of the clients we work with...