Apr 21st 2020


SIPA Xtreme Renew is an innovative new system which is very relevant in today’s climate.  The sustainable system creates high quality PET containers whilst keeping CO2 emissions low. This is a variable which must be closely monitored during the production of plastic packaging. Described by SIPA as the ‘New Era of Recycling’, the Xtreme Renew is the first system in the world to produce food-grade preforms from 100% washed R-PET flakes in a single energy cycle.  This means that you can reduce costs whilst protecting the environment and creating a perfect circular economy.

The Process


One of the main advantages of the VACUREMA technology is that decontamination and moisture removal take place before extrusion.  This is because it presents a very high quality melt and stable IV value, whilst maintaining the best mechanical properties.


The clean and perfectly prepared PET materials enter the extruder’s input area with very low residual moisture.  This stage takes place under high vacuum meaning that no additional degassing openings are required.  This means that the system reduces  the extruder length, cuts energy consumption, improves the colours or the materials produced, and keeps the AA values to a minimum.


During this stage, the resin is filtered through a 25 to 62 um mesh.  The filter pack is equipped with a patented fully automatic self-cleaning system ensures a long filter life.  The filtered resin is then transferred to the downstream unit as it is ready to melt.

Rotary Injection and Compression

Injection and Compression Wheel:

  • Modular design for wheel and press assembly meaning easy maintenance
  • Treats material gently with very low injection pressure
  • Reduced cavity tonnage for less mould wear
  • Easy and quick format changeover (1 minute per cavity)
  • Simultaneous production of 2 different preforms
  • Preforms coming out aligned, to be collected in different container.

Preform Cooling

Cold-air jet cooling of the inner and outer surface of the preform.  No need to change the customisation: the pliers adopt automatically.  The cooling time is only 6 cycles and uses a spiral chain with high efficiency bearings meaning that no maintenance is required.  It has four possible preform release points and the possibility to preform 100% quality inspection and to reject non-compliant forms.

Benefits of using SIPA Xtreme Renew

  • TCO down by 15% using this method in comparison to conventional recycling
  • 10% lighter PET containers
  • 30% energy savings
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by 60% compared to virgin resin
  • 100% sustainable
  • Up to 20% reduction in logistics compared to conventional recycling

If you want to introduce an innovative new system into your packaging process which benefits the environments whilst creating high quality preforms, contact one of our experts today.  We will be happy to discuss the solutions which we can offer and the benefits to your specific line of implementing this system.

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