Apr 27th 2022



The XTREME renew system is the first in the world to produce food-grade preforms and bottles from 100% washed R-PET flakes in a single energy cycle. The new plastic economy is now a reality and SIPA gives you the opportunity to be a part of it by producing preforms and bottles while saving the environment, energy and money. SIPA has teamed up with EREMA to produce the revolutionary XTREME renew system which is the first of its kind in the world. This innovative and insurgent ‘bottle to bottle’ was designed for the circular economy by reducing costs and protecting the environment.

XTREME renew is a blend of technical innovations that works to expand production opportunities, reduce consumptions and CO2 emissions, optimising management costs and reducing the space taken up at industrial plants. Already, with the use of traditional RPET processes, CO2 emissions are reduced by around 60% in comparison to when using virgin PET. With the use of the new, innovative, XTREME process, emissions are reduced by a further 25% and with an additional 30% decrease in electricity consumption. Furthermore, XTREME renew can produce preforms that are 10% lighter thanks to its special design as well as reducing logistics and transportation costs by 20% and total cost of ownership by 15%.

The process:
– Predrying/Decontamination
– Plastification
– Homogenization
– Melt filtration
– Online Viscometer
– Rotary molding wheel
– Post mold cooling

The main benefits:
– Production of food-contact compliant preforms directly from up to 100% postconsumer PET flakes.
– Major process simplification
– Safe and approved process
– Maximum preforms quality
– Highly sustainable process
– Reduced TCO by 15% in comparison to conventional recycling
– 30% energy saving compared to conventional recycling
– Up to 20% reduction in logistics compared to conventional recycling

SIPA’s new digital ecosystem is bringing its customers into Digital Transformation and making them a part of the rapid change in use of technology in industry 4.0. With the revolutionary creation of SIPA’s EchoSystem, people, businesses and resources are being connected in an interactive environment based on total skill sharing. The use of EchoSystem allows for full control of system performances at all times, increasing efficiency and optimising costs.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while increasing efficiency and reducing costs then don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more.

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