Aug 18th 2022

SIPA’s end of line packaging solutions

Here at Packserve we supply a plethora of different mechanical solutions for your line. We have worked hand in hand with some of the biggest food and drink companies for years through finding them the best solutions for their desired projects. Our Hartness and SIPA technologies are designed to also help you find the solutions you need. No matter what point in the process line you are looking to improve, we will have a solution for you.

SIPA provides some of the market leading end of line solutions which ensure the upmost quality and efficiency for your production line. With over 50 years’ experience, SIPA are world leading at providing innovative, reliable, solutions to help you with your packaging problems.

We understand that with the fast changing environment, bottle shapes, sizes and materials are constantly evolving which is why we believe it is important to have an easily adaptable packaging solution. Some of the solutions that SIPA has to offer include:

Palletizers and depalletizers

• Shrink packs
• Cartons
• Crates
• Loose Containers
• Cans/Tins
• Jars

Automatic palletizers moving pallet type

This system can be equipped with an empty pallet loading module to tackle logistical and spacing issues, maintaining high production needs with an output of up to 700 layers per hour

Robotic Handling Systems (Robby)

Robby is a comprehensive approach developed by SIPA to meet the increasing market demand for package flexibility. Robby in particular offers an extremely viable alternative to traditional palletizing and depalletizing systems. Advantages to Robby include:
• Flexibility
• Reduced Footprint
• Modularity and Integrability
• Can be easily relocated if required
• Reliable
• Precise
• Speed and Efficiency
• Reduced maintenance costs

SIPA’s range of cartoning solutions is in fact one of the most comprehensive available on the market today. SIPA is also one of the few vendors able to propose solutions for American-type cartons, plastic crates, trays and wrap-around cartons. As well as this there is a complete range to handle all types of different products, extremely versatile solutions, reliable, flexible and limited maintenance and components subject to wear.

For more information on any of the information provided or any general enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us today!

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