Sep 8th 2017

Soft Rejection Systems for High Value Products

When it comes to finding the ideal packaging system for your business, there’s a lot to consider. For example, you must think about what it is you’re packaging and the process of how it is packed. This will have a huge impact on the system that will work best. However, a lot of people tend to forget to consider the way in which the packaging system will react to faults.

Though some businesses package very simple and durable products, others do not. In cases where an inspection system rejects a product is important to have an appropriate rejection system in place.

What Does a Soft Rejection System Do?

Often, there will be faults within the packaging production line; this is common and it’s almost impossible to avoid. However, it’s how these faults are dealt with that’s important.

Where an inspection system finds a problem with a product, such as incorrect label placement, a broken seal or failure to meet the fill line, a rejection system will move the product from the packing line to ensure the end customer does not receive a faulty/defective or below standard product.

Standard reject systems will push the product from the packaging line, in some cases causing damage and making it unusable. Soft rejection systems differ from standard reject systems, as they specialise in rejecting items that need to be rejected safely and securely.

For example, the system must be able to remove a fully or partially full container from the conveyor system without causing it to fall or damage further. If it were to fall, the entire production line could be disrupted and halted whilst cleaning takes place. So, instead, a soft rejection system removes the object with gently with minimal contact. Not only does this allow the production to continue without a problem, but it reduces possible downtime.

The rejected product can also be re-used, for example liquid can be taken back into the filling process and used again, or high value items be re-worked.

Soft Rejection Systems at Packserve

At Packserve, we understand that every business is different. This means that though some of our customers specialise in durable and strong products, others specialise in those that are high value. This is why we are sure to include soft rejection systems into our packaging solutions. After all, those with high value products need to be taken care of as well. Whether you know for sure that you need to add a soft rejection system into your existing process or you’re considering it as a potential option, we’re on hand to help. We can offer advice and recommendations, as well as installations and repairs.

To find out more about a soft rejection system and its uses, get in touch with Packserve. Contact us today on 01254 760 123 or via the online contact form. Whatever your question or query, a member of the Packserve team will be able to offer assistance.

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