Oct 28th 2019

Solutions Specific to your Industry

E2M is a company specialised in designing and manufacturing artificial inspection equipment. They have over 25 years of experience, developing equipment which can take your packaging line to the next level.   They are also constantly developing new ideas to keep up with the changing pressures of different industries meaning that they create some of the best machinery available on the market.

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry

E2M have created artificial vision systems specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.  The identification and inspection of products of the pharmaceutical sector are applied in two phases:

  • The primary phase:including checking blister, syringes, vials, ampules, both in size and shape, as well as in position, case and filling level.
  • The secondary phase: where the control of serial and datamatix codes according to ISO and GS1 standards is carried out, in cases, leaflets and packaging.


As there all in all sectors, there are many advantages to using artificial vision systems in the pharmaceutical industry.  There is little to no room for errors within the pharmaceutical industry which is why it is essential for products to be packaged safely and accurately. In addition to increasing the accuracy of the packaging process, other advantages of using artificial vision inspection systems in the pharmaceutical industry include;

  • Minimisation of costs associated with inactivity, labour, waste and rejections.
  • Elimination of failures in products and packaging.
  • Minimisation of risks in product safety.
  • Compliance with international standards and quality standards.
  • Guarantee of integral control in trace-ability.


Artificial Vision Within the Food Industry

Artificial vision has become an indispensable aspect of the food industry and is vital for creating products which will stand out from the competition.  Although accuracy and speed are the most widely recognised advantages, they are also a guarantee of product quality that also means a cost reduction in the production process. Being an equipment that fits and integrates the manufacturing process, it favours the ability to manage a greater quantity of products while reducing defective items.

Some of the artificial vision equipment specially designed by E2M for the food industry are:

  • Visiocap: for the inspection of defects in caps in bottles and bottles.
  • Visio Can-End: for the inspection of defects in canned cans.
  • Visiotray: for the inspection of thermoformed containers.

Inspection systems can massively improve the quality of your products and their packaging through the automation of various processes, the software and hardware responsible for capturing and processing data at high speed.

We supply a wide variety of different artificial inspection systems, meaning they can carry out different functions, dependent on your requirements. For more information on how you can take the quality of your products to the next level and enhance your packaging line, contact us today.


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