Aug 21st 2019

The Expert Engineering Services Available at Packserve

In addition to supplying top of the range machinery and innovative solutions to our customers, we also offer a variety of engingeering services which have the ability to make our customers lives easier.  We aim to relieve some of the pressures which may arise when managing packaging and production lines.  To do this, we have put together a range of services which we can lend our expert knowledge to, including project management services, operational services, maintenence, servicing, contract engineers, and many more.

Project Management

We are able to provide a full project management service – from complete factory relocations, new equipment installations and packaging line modifications.  We focus on combining technical expertise, extensive experience and sound management practice, to create exceptional project outlines concentrating on safety, time scale, and budget.  The project life cycle which we follow is;

  • Carry out Feasibility Study
  • Project design
  • Submit project for company approval
  • Project management

This method has been proven to produce outstanding results each time, which has lead to us having such well established relationships with our customers.

Contract Engineers

Packserve has gained strong working relationships with a large number of blue chip clients, both nationally and internationally.  We are able to provide expert engineers, for a range of different jobs and for a variety of different reasons which you may need them.  For example, the efficiency of your production facility is threatened by understaffing due to temporary absence, or if you require a dedicated engineering team to carry out an installation then we can plug the gap with the full weight of our engineering pedigree.  In addition to this, if one of your engineers is unexpectedly off work, our engineers are happy to step in and help until the problem can be resolved. This is able to protect productivity whilst ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum.


We have the neccessary tools and knowledge to be able to carry out some of the largest and most complex mechanical installations and represent major OEMs as their systems installers worldwide. Our ability to offer a safe, precise and fast service for all types of mechanical systems and structures within almost every industry and situation has put us at the vanguard of mechanical installations including:

  • Conveyor Systems
  • Mechanical Handling System
  • Bespoke Systems
  • Machine and Plant

We are commited to providing swift and accurate installation. Our success has been built on our reliability and the exacting standards that we consistently deliver and are devoted to continuously delivering.

For more information on any of the engineering services which we can provide, visit our website or contact us to speak to one of our experts.

Some of the clients we work with...