Jul 22nd 2019

The Importance of Innovative Technology

At Packserve, it is important for us to work with innovative companies who are constantly developing new technology to keep up with the changing pressures of the industries.  This allows us to supply bespoke machinery which can provide solutions that may not have previously been achievable.

J+P are currently commissioning a case filling machine model KP600-2 for horizontal packing of thermoformed trays filled with salami and ham.  This is a new concept which has been able to overcome many obsticles which come with packing thermoformed trays.  The machine has the following features:

  • Use of two high-speed Delta-4 Robot (4-axis) from Schneider (Elau)
  • The format change is carried out quickly and without tools by means of the “J+P-simplequick-change”
  • Different packing patterns, 1 and 2 rows
  • Complete line including J+P tray erector, J+P stacking corner closing system and J+P lid applicator
  • The machine is of hygienic design and a special highlight is the LED -operator guidance in colours yellow, green, blue, red.
  • The machine works up to 240 thermoformed packs and 30 trays / min.

E2M have developed highly accurate artificial vision which has multiple applications in industrial environements.  The artificial vision technology which E2M have developed is able to obtain accurate information about the situation of the process and the product, highlighting any faults which need rectifying or adjustments which must be made.  The main uses of artificial vision include:

  • Quality control: through which compliance with the technical specifications of an object is verified based on a pre-established pattern.
  • Metrology: which verifies compliance with the pre-established dimensions according to a specific pattern. The dimensions are not limited to the complete piece, but also to other aspects such as distances between edges, angles, position of holes, assemblies, etc.
  • Classification: to determine different kinds of products or to extract those that do not correspond according to the pre-defined characteristics. The classifications can be determined by dimensions, marks, reading elements, colors, etc.
  • Pick-up & Place: to locate the position of an object through the coordinates of the space where it is collected and move it to another indicated position.
  • Absence presence: inspecting areas to find objects, measure distances and recognize patterns to verify assemblies, labeling, etc.

Hartness have always held the concept of continuous improvement at the core of their culture and philosophy.  This has, in turn, resulted in them creating innovative machinery which continuously develops as new concepts become popular within industries.  One of the most innovative designs which Hartness have developed are DYNAC accumulation systems. DYNAC is a simple, intelligent solution that continuously monitors the line conditions. DYNAC acts as a buffer and absorbs ongoing fluctuations (microstops) in product flow in a pressureless environment. When line conditions allow, DYNAC releases metered product to the downstream equipment.

If you have any queries on how you can improve and develop your production and packaging lines, contact us today.

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