Apr 25th 2019

What makes E2M Artificial Vision Systems the Best On the Market?

E2M have over 25 years of experience specialising in the designing, manufacturing and setting up of equipments intended to control the quality of production lines. Throughout this time they have focussed on continuousy developing their business, and their products to create the best solutions available.  Their aim is to constantly innovate the inspection process through developing artificial vision as well as developing orientation and rejection systems for all styles of containers.

Inspection Systems

E2M inspection systems are designed to detect errors or defects along the packaging line.  E2M have developed artificial inspection systems which are able monitor even the slightest errors.  Recently, they have developed a new ContourVision 3G model which is able to examine a 360 degree view of any labels using a 4 picture layout.  The inspection systems have a range of features ensuring they work accuratly and effeicently each time including;

  • 4 Cameras CMOS of 5 Mpx B/W.
  • Surrounding lighting with adjustable LEDs.
  • 2 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port.
  • Intel Core last generation.
  • Windows user interface.
  • 17” touch screen monitor.
  • Stainless steel enclosure.
  • Specific algorithms for 360 degree-reconstruction of the bottle’s surface.
  • Encoder to control the position of the containers

Each of the algorithms developed by E2M allow more flexibilty and therfore are much more accurate. In addition to this, the inspection system is fitted outside the labelling machine, on the conveyor therefore there is no need of modification nor integration with the labelling machine making it cheaper and quicker to install.

Rejection Systems

E2M supply 3 different types of rejection systems; multistep, proporcional, and push. Each have different features which will benfieft you differently dependent on your requirments.  Through supplying a range of different types of rejection systems, we can ensure we supply you with the best solution for your problem.  E2M rejection systems have a range of features which make them the best available on the market. The features include:

  • Silent systems.
  • Easy to install on an existing conveyor.
  • Compact and strong design.
  • Minimum Maintain.
  • Long life system and fast paying off.
  • Cleaning with water for milky or sticky stained lines (MS V Serie ).
  • Intuitive format change.
  • Compatible with other manufacturer inspection systems.
  • Adjustable division strategies.

Orientatation Systems

Orientation systems are essentail for making sure that the containers are correctly positioned on the packaging line, making sure that they are secure and less likely to fall and become damaged. The three types which we supply are:

  • FlexiTurn
  • Turn Not Turn
  • In Feed Timer

Each of these systems are designed to detect and manauvure products so that they are correctly orientated in the most gentle way possible. Each of these systems are compact meaning that they will take up as little floor space as possible.  They also have a quick format change making them even more flexible and appropriate for a range of different projects.

At Packserve we pride ourselves in supplying you with the most effecient and top of the range production lines that are available at the market.  If you have any queiries or would like to talk through any ideas you may have to adapt your production line, visit the contact us page today.


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