Nov 29th 2018

Why You Need Robotics

One of the companies which we work with here at Packserve is Hartness International.  Through Hartness, we can supply a wide variety of top of the range robotic systems for which ever application is necessary. Robotics are particularly flexible pieces of machinery as they are quick and automated meaning they make your production line work much more efficiently. This efficiency means that they also have a lower cost of ownership as they require little to no maintenance. Robotics are also particularly smart meaning they have precise and controlled product handling and also have plug and play vision.

Robotic Palletizing

Hartness has supplied one of the largest installed bases of high-speed palletizing systems in North America which demonstrates our ability to supply robotics to fit your specification best, no matter the requirements.  We offer both low-level continuous motion systems and high-level palletisers with robotic layer forming. This means that no matter your specification, our innovative robotic systems can be adapted to solve any solution.  Our robotic palletizing systems are able to handle packaged goods both gently and quickly meaning no matter the product, our machines will work for you.

Robotic Depalletizing

We always aim to provide the simplest solution possible to keep maintenance and initial costs low and profitability high.  That is why we supply simplified bulk depalletizers. They are simplified through the use of highly reliable industrial robotics.   These robotic depalletizers are particularly flexible meaning they are able to run Glass, PET and Can bulk palettes.  They also utilise integrated DYNAC accumulation systems which means that there is a reduction of gaps along the production line, eliminating the chance of the line becoming over congested, potentially causing damage to the products.

Automated Material Loading Robotics

The main benefit to automated material loading robotics is that they can be used to reassign jobs which staff would otherwise need to be employed to carry out. This means that staffing costs can be reduced or staff can be moved to carry out other jobs, making the process much more efficient. This will also save money in the long term as once the initial cost of the automated material loading robotics is paid, they require very little maintenance and overall have very reasonable running costs, unlike staff who need regular salaries. Automated material loading robotics are able to load products into trays and cartons at a much higher pace meaning production can be maintained at a much higher speed.

Robotic Case Packing and Pack Orienting

Often it can be hard to transport irregular shaped products without them becoming unbalanced or rotating, however the use of pack orienting robotics, ensures that there will be minimal product damage and the products will be transported with smooth and positive control. Hartness’ pack orienting systems also feature tool-less, quick changeover meaning there is minimal interruption and production can keep flowing. The robotic case packing systems adapt unique product collating strategies which are flexible when fitting your line exactly how you want it. This means that the robotics are particularly versatile and are able to transport a variety of different products.

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