Mar 21st 2019

Why You Should Put Your Faith in Packserve

Packserve have over 30 years of experience specialising in the packaging industry.  In result of this long standing commitment to the industry, Packserve have built close relationships with well established companies, such as E2M, Hartness and J+P. This has allowed them to guarantee success on each project which they have worked on. Packserve focus on a multitude of different aspects when coming up with effective solutions to your problems, such as cost effectiveness, speed, and accuracy of the production line. This results in them creating highly reliable, top of the range production lines which cannot be found elsewhere. Although the list of successful projects which Packserve have carried out is endless, below is a select few case studies which demonstrate their expertise.

LGV Handling Systems

Packserve were able to install the first LGV handling system supplied to the UK through Italian manufacturers, which opened up new opportunities in developing existing production lines.  Our team at Packserve was able to install and commission a new line with the new LGV Handling System, alongside existing equipment. In result of this, while the modifications to the new line was made, though careful consideration the existing production line, production was not disrupted whilst the new LGV handling system was installed.  As the system was new, it was not previously proven or thoroughly tested which required Packserve to successful carry out large modifications and design improvements throughout the installation process.

Equipment Servicing

A European manufacturer employed the engineers at Packserve to service all their equipment which is sold and distributed to the UK market.  This is a highly important task to be carried out and is essential that there are no errors throughout the process.  Our engineers were able to carry out maintenance on the machinery as well as surveys of all of the existing equipment.  Initially we were commissioned to install the plant however now carry out bi-annual surveys and annual overhauls.

Engineering Cover

At Packserve we recognise that often, things are unable to go as we may plan.  This is why we offer engineering cover, allowing peace of mind for our clients and last minute back up when they need it most.  A large UK based multi-national company have their own maintenance team however due to the scale of the company, require engineering cover 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  As their maintenance team is reasonably small, we supplement this and with our extensive team of engineers are able to supply cover should one of their engineers need time off, no matter the reason. As well as supplying the company with reliable cover, our highly skilled project managers are also able to provide professional advice.  Through having an on going contract with the business, we are able to provide reduced costs to the client as they require regular cover from us.

Automated Picking Line

Packserve were given the task to install and modify an automated picking line without causing disruption to the existing main system. We were able to provide intelligent recommendations for change based on their existing line.  We also carried out the installation of the new automated picking line while causing little to no disruption to the existing line.  We carried this out smoothy and quickly and ensured the new equipment was running smoothly and efficiently.

Some of the clients we work with...